NJ Association Annual Meeting Reminder, Saturday, April 28

Our big day is coming up on Saturday, April 28 at the NJ Association’s Annual Meeting at the Community Church of Short Hills.  We will be discussing regular business items to include budget and amendments.  We will also be voting to declare our association Open and Affirming.  We need as many of your church’s voting delegates as possible.

Many of you have attended our two retreats on this issue.  You should have a copy of the resolution.  In the event you don’t or would like to share it with another person, go here to read it.

We are also hoping any church who has questions about this resolution, what it means and doesn’t mean for the local congregation, will contact Been Waiting for You or our Associate Conference Minister, Sherry Taylor.  We have at the ready persons who can discuss this resolution with a pastor or members of any NJ UCC congregation.

I am excited about this resolution as it will ensure that anyone who comes before the Association will know that their sexual orientation or gender expression will be affirmed.  It also encourages churches who have yet to consider the ONA process, to do so.  What it doesn’t do is force any church to affirm the dignity and benefit of any LGBT person.

Be sure to spread the word.  Your participation in this will ensure its success.

About beenwaitingforyou

You have reached the New Jersey Chapter of the UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns. We are a part of the New Jersey Association of the Central Atlantic Conference, United Church of Christ. Our organization helps affirm and equip lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender members in New Jersey UCC churches. We are a social group, an advocacy group and a resource for churches considering the Open and Affirming Process.
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