Our First Meeting

Okay, so the leadership of our support group met with our Conference Minister, Sherry Taylor, last week.  We will be moving forward with a few attainable goals for the year ahead.

We want to begin with hosting a social potluck with all LGBT persons and our straight allies within our NJ churches.  We also invite churches who are Open and Affirming (ONA) or are considering the ONA process.  We want to get together, share our visions for our future, and help you help others in the ONA process. Stay tuned for the day and time, as it will be determined shortly.

In the coming weeks, you will receive a call or email from either David Bocock, Greg Rupright, or another person to schedule the potluck supper as well as helping us to create a roster of contact persons for LGBT issues, ONA and otherwise, within NJ churches.  If you want to help now and are serving/worshiping in a UCC church in NJ now, you can contact David Bocock at bo@cresskillucc.org and let him know of your contact persons.

Stay tuned; some great things are being planning and will happen!

About beenwaitingforyou

You have reached the New Jersey Chapter of the UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns. We are a part of the New Jersey Association of the Central Atlantic Conference, United Church of Christ. Our organization helps affirm and equip lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender members in New Jersey UCC churches. We are a social group, an advocacy group and a resource for churches considering the Open and Affirming Process.
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